Winds blow across the southern side,

Among the crowd there’s a face that hides,

I can tell the face is the other half,

Oh! an ache in my chest, the wind choreographed.

An ache which feels as sweet as love,

Sugar to my spice, an olive to my dove.

Mate to my soul, an anchor to my boat,

Yin to my yang, an end to my quote.

(C) Diksha Shahi



I like to write quotes, poems and stories from the photographs I click. It’s as if the surroundings are buzzing with stories and dictating poetry to my ears. A voice of soul I’d like to call. This is a simple shot from my garden. I like the play of light and bright green vividness of the leaf!nd bright green vividness of the leaf!

(C) Diksha Shahi

Strength of Time

She grew in silence, curled within the sheath,

And paid little attention, to the taunts of heath.

By day and night, they stoned her low,

And told her that, she would not grow.

She stayed strong, turning towards the Sun,

Relying on it’s warmth, when they were done.

She drew her strength from grounded roots,

Which their fiery words could not shoot.

It rained and hailed and the wind shook all,

But her mighty will, withstood the maul.

When the time was ripe, she showed her power

Now they praise her glory, the bright Sunflower!

(C) Diksha Shahi

The Rose

Like fragrance the petal holds,

That your senses find in rosy folds,

Away from the world’s true lies,

You’ll find love in those deep eyes.

Like the scent which oozes from the rose,

Through the breeze to you it flows,

You’ll find me besides you forever,

In your distress or endeavour.

Like many a flowers among your bouquet,

There’ll be pretty faces at your archway,

But I’ll be there on darker day of scorns,

Your only rose, amongst your thorns.


Christmas in Brisbane

The trees turn angelic white in brilliance,

Adorning fairy lights in festive appearance.

Christmas movies screen by the South Bank,

Enchanted gardens come alive at Roma Street Parkland.

Weekend rejoices at the Eagle Street Pier,

Wine and cheese and turkey on the fire.

The Jade Buddha dances to a summer jazz,

Chilled beer and cocktails, all it has.

Vegemite toast for an Aussie breakkie,

And evening craic at the Irish Murphy,

The young veins dance through the night,

While others relish, the Gelatissimo delight.

The city has mirth for one and all,

Gold Lotto lights for the little Paul.

X’mas tree lights up the King George Square,

Little children play around everywhere.

The city rejoices and celebrates,

It’s time for cookies and chocolates.

The Clock Tower rings 12 on chain,

It is Christmas time in Brisbane!


Notes: Brisbane is the main city of Queensland, a north eastern state in Australia. I moved to Brisbane 2016 and have lived there for a year and half before re-locating to Sydney. Brisbane gave me close friendships and made in-roads in my heart. I often spent time late evenings shaking a leg at Irish Murphy (the best Irish pub in town) with friends or simply walking around the vast Botanical Garden which comes alive during Christmas season decorated with angelic lights. My friends and I would also visit Jade Buddha, an Asian fusion bar and restaurant besides the Brisbane river also known for great dumplings. Not to forget the choco-chip gelato from the Gelatissimo bar at Queen Street in the CBD has me drooling even today! Some December evenings were spent King George Square watching the animated cartoon series displayed at the City Hall’s facade as I indulged in a creamy cappuccino from The Coffee Club. The open air cinema during this season under the bright stars at South Bank is as dreamy as it is romantic. This little city is packed with energy and serenity as alike. Well, I can almost call myself a ‘Brisbanite’.

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