The River

Flowing in all its might, strong and fluid,

Possessing strength of a herculean druid,

The river danced along the shores of sand,

Spraying mist along the way, so grand.

It’s beauty was different by day and night

But all I could write was just plain sight.

Cascading waters sounded through my ears,

Drowning the city noise, the chaos it clears.

Alas my blue scribe, can only scribble,

The soothing sense little by little,

For schools did teach grammer that exhausts,

Not the emotion of Shakespeare or Robert Frost.

Waking up to thunderous roars, dawny skies and orange shores,

I paddled my board, soaking the aqueous light on the surface cold.

Water shimmered like jewels stud, on a bridal gown with rosy buds.

Silence left as fishes plopped, awaking the river as it plod.

I went deeper into the river’s arms,

Feeling the mangroves in its charms.

Smoking vapours rose from its bosom,

Fresh fragrance lifting and wholesome.

The silvery dusk came in its glory,

And the river told another story.

Ducks retreated into their resting spots,

And fishes slept in their watery pots.

I lit a fire on its bank and watched the moon by the clock’s hand.

The thunderous water was now sober, as the waning moon above it hovered.

Its flowing move on the rocks, was true music on the Equinox.

Gentle in its splendour, the symphony calming in true candour.

Fire crackled as the wood burnt, in the pleasing wind of the evening hunt.

Night approached with stars bright, which now lit the river’s height.

Sweet waters quenched my thirst, weariness of the day was nursed.

At last the water fairies sang their song, as I slept through the night so long.


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Notes: Written from my memoirs of Malaccan wanderings through Kilim river, Pulau Dayang Bunting Lake (Mayalsia) and following the trails of mighty Indian rivers – Mandakini and Alaknanda.


The Modern Nomad

A poem written by my husband – Kunal Shahi

It as the way Human life began,
It was the way Human being evolved,
It was the only way mankind learned to see the world,
It was the reason mankind evolved.

Years and centuries passed,
We forgot our past.
We built cities and towns,
We built dams to obstruct the natural path.

We divided the world into Continents and Countries,
We divided the waters into Oceans and seas.
We divided the Mankind into Black and White,
We divided Humans into a different kind.

Until the Nomads rose once again,
To capture another country for their name.
Destruction was on its path,
This was a Nomad on a destructive path.

Nomad now travels for a better life,
From a land in Middle East to an European Surprise.
Nomad now looks very civilized,
However, in heart the Nomad is full of vice.

(C) Kunal Shahi

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The Forest

The mist in forest hangs low,

The evening Sun is setting slow.

The mud smells wet from evening rain,

Water drops shine, simple and plain.

Little wild roses grow here and there,

Red and white flowers, sweet fragrance in the air.

Amongst colors vivid, are huge green ferns,

Hiding creatures of the dark, as the day turns.

A river of sweet water gushes downstream,

It’s waters shine in the setting Sun’s beam.

The light in the forest gets dim by the clock,

And fireflies awake, on every branch and stalk.

I sit in awe, watching the stars come out,

Feeling peace within and without.

Smelling the dusk and absorbing the light

Watching the fireflies, a pleasant sight.

The forest has turned from vivid to dark,

The night is out, in all its mark.

Half the wood sleeps sound into the night,

The mist is now lit by the fireflies light.

A thousands of them glow and shine,

Like the fairies wand, on the forest pines,

Like yellow stars descended from the sky,

Twinkling on the forest waters low and high!

(C) Diksha Shahi

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Notes: Written from my memoirs of walking through the woods near my place of stay in Ingolstadt, a town in the south eastern state of Bavaria, Germany in 2010.
The addition of fireflies, has been added from the forest walks in early childhood, with my parents in the hills of Nainitaal, Uttarakhand my native place. Sadly, with increased human activity, fireflies are now a rare sight.

The Ship

Bring in the storm, let it hail,

Bring in the winds, let there be gale.

Let my ship toss amidst the icy ocean,

I’m learning to sail, there ain’t a magic potion.

Bring on the dark clouds, laden with ice drops,

Shadowing the Sun, the light in the sky stops.

Let my ship, navigate the dark sky,

I’m learning to sail, the stakes are high.

Bring on the fear, in the minds of my crewmen,

They’d be bold, they are the sailor clan.

Let the mast of my ship, bend in the wind,

I’m learning to sail, I’m determined.

Bring on the Loch Ness, and those monsters of the seas,

From the book of the tales, my imagination they tease.

Let my ship rock a little, facing the wrath of the ocean,

I’m learning to sail, there ain’t a magic potion.

The storm has passed, as it always does,

The Loch Ness retreated, in a single buzz.

Now my ship stays strong, in the mighty ocean,

I have learnt to sail, my courage the magic potion !


Dedicated to my brother Chhavy Sirohi.

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Broken Heart

It ached and pained, the heart bled red,

To know you were gone, that far ahead.

I gave you my soul, my love and flesh,

My trust and care, and everything else.

I loved you much, though you broke my heart,

Not to mention of my soul, being ripped apart.

Your love was the poison, I chose to drink,

While you walked away, I chose to sink.

I sulked for long, till I could think no more.

Of how you walked away, with that dame so cold.

The plunge seemed easy, on that dreary night,

Than the thought of living, without you in sight.

I took one step, and then another,

With no one to stop me, and none to bother.

I jumped that cliff, drowning into that sea,

From where your ship, sailed away in glee.

My love for you alas, didn’t die with Me,

And my soul lingers on, like a flower’s bee.

I’d wish you’d come, and see me on that shore,

I still love you much, from the deepest core.

(C) Diksha Shahi

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A Venetian Love

Oh la la la, on an Venetian ride,

Sat besides me a ferryman bright.

Tough were his arms and soft his sight,

Oh la la la, on the gondala ride.


Oh my bashful smile,

Made him swell in pride,

He rowed hard and strong,

On the gondola ride.


Oh la la la, my day seemed nice,

With the ferryman rowing by my side.

He plopped the ring from, the silky case,

Oh la la la, on the gondola ride.


How I blushed in red,

On every side,

I was to be his wife,

On this gondola ride.


Oh la la la, I did say Yes,

And now I ride along in the countryside,

Happy with roses and petunias white,

Oh la la la, on the gondola ride.


(C) Diksha Shahi

Image credits: Anatassia Art on Etsy.


A knitted stole,

And hat in red,

Tall and curvy,

Ohh saucy Margaret !!!

A modern woman,

With audacious wits,

Quick sharp tongued,

Ohh cheeky Margaret !!!

Many a suitors,

London dwellers,

Rich and famed,

For snobby Margaret !!!

Rosy lipped,

In scarlet red,

Made her mind,

Ohh sexy Margaret !!!

Dressed to kill,

At Harvey Corporate,

With poisoned drinks,

The vicious Margaret !!!

The deed was done,

And Rose was dead,

In her wicked ways,

Ohh murderous Margaret !!!

Love was blind,

And so was hatred,

Tom was her’s,

Ohh cunning Margaret !!!

(C) Diksha Shahi

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